Using Cattle to Reverse Climate Change?

September 30, 2019

I just love this picture of Heidi with our cows. It was taken during our first year of using cattle to heal our farmland.


It breaks my heart to see so many people in the media vilifying meat and recent agenda driven research that suggest cattle are to blame for so much of our world's greenhouse gas emissions. Their conclusions and ideas couldn't be further from the truth and we must change our thinking on what's really causing greenhouse gas emissions and climate change if we're going to come up with real solutions. The thing is meat itself isn’t evil, it’s the method by which we farm it (feed lots and CAFOs-Confined Animal Feeding Operations).

When we first started farming we knew rotationally grazing cattle was the fastest way to heal dead, lifeless soil caused by years of industrial agriculture. You can't just start organic farming on land that's dependent on chemical fertilizers and sprays and expect a crop. You'd end up with very low yields and a field of weeds if you tried. So we started with cattle for the sole purpose of feeding the microbes in the soil and bringing our land back to life with hopes of rotating organic grains through some day.


What we didn't realize was the enormous benefit it would have on the environment, pulling loads of climate changing gas emissions from the air and sequestering it into the soil. A recent study was done on White Oak Pastures (who practice rotational grazing with their cattle similar to us) showed they are storing more carbon in the soil than their cows emit during their lives. Check it out here -> Study: White Oak Pastures Beef Reduces Atmospheric Carbon.

Allan Savory has been a great inspiration and distant mentor for us here at Jubilee. We believe his message is the only hope for our planet, for our children and their children and all of humanity. I'm convinced that after you watch this video you will never think the same about how farming practices can transform the environment you live in. It's not the cow, it's the how!

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