A portable henhouse (egg mobile) follows the cattle in their rotation. The hens free range eating bugs and grasses while sanitizing the pasture by scratching through cattle droppings just like the birds in nature that follow the herbivores as biological cleansers. We are thankful to Joel Salatin for showing us this very useful technique for increasing land fertility.

Our laying hens have spent their entire lives (except the first 2-3 weeks) out on green grass scratching, pecking, eating vegetation and bugs, and as Joel Salatin would say “expressing their chickenness”. They are offered a combination of gmo-free chicken feed, grains we have grown organically on the farm, and kitchen scrapes. You just can't beat afarm fresh egg! The yolks are a rich golden colour, they taste better and are much healthier than anything you will find in the grocery store.

Spending more money on  "Free Range, Organic" chicken eggs from the grocery store? You might be surprised to learn that these terms do NOT even come close to meaning what you think they mean. These terms have been hijacked by the egg industry as marketing ploys. Come visit the farm and see what beyond organic, pastured hens look like.