Beyond Organic Tours- September 2019

Beyond Organic Tours- September 2019

Saturday, September 7- 2019
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Do you want to know where your food comes from, who raises it, and how it comes to be food? Do you want to experience a farm in a whole new way; fully immersed in an incredible symphony of regenerative farming? Have burning questions about sustainable farming?This tour is offered once a month and is limited to the first 35 people to reserve spots. Nominal fee for adults, free for children 12 and younger (children must be accompanied by an adult). This two hour tour covers our farm ecosystem, livestock husbandry & how it all works together and why it all matters.

Farmer Tim will speak on everything from pig forests to cow paddies. This tour has something for everyone, from farmers to corporate executives. Even McDonald’s junkies are welcome! You’ll never be the same. Epiphanies are normal. Be sure to arrive 20 minutes prior to start of tour- 2:00 PM, we will not backtrack for late comers.

2019 Beyond Organic Tour Schedule:

Saturday, June 1- 2PM
Saturday, July 6- 2PM
Saturday, August 3- 2PM
Saturday, September 7- 2PM