6 Dozen "Small" Egg Bundle

6 Dozen "Small" Egg Bundle


If you have a family to feed, or just enjoy our true pasture-raised eggs, then you’ll love our bundle of 6 dozen eggs. 

These are eggs from our young and upcoming hens. They just started laying so their eggs are a smaller size.

Our laying hens have spent their entire lives (except the first 2-3 weeks) out on green grass scratching, pecking, eating vegetation and bugs, expressing the chickenness of the chicken. They are given certified organic chicken feed. Our hens are truly free-range and are rotated through our pastures which is key and something you should look for when buying "Pasture Raised" eggs.

Our deep golden yolks speak to the healthy diet our hens enjoy as they spend their lives on pasture.

Because we eliminate much of the freight and warehousing time spent by conventional laying hen operations, we're able to recommend a six-week shelf life on our Pasture-Raised Eggs. The eggs we offer are pasture packed, meaning the bloom is left on. This protective layer is a coating on the outside of the egg that the hen leaves. The bloom seals the shell pores, preventing bacteria from getting inside the shell, and reduces moisture loss from the egg--all designed to make the egg last longer. The bloom is not harmful, and because it is left on, the eggs do not require refrigeration--they can be left out on your countertop or pantry until you are ready to use them. 

Learn more about our laying hens in our blog post: What are TRUE Pasture Raised Eggs?