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Hosting A Pickup Location

Pasture-raised foods delivered to your home!

Hosting A Pickup Location

What you Need

  1. An Eagerness and Excitement about regenerative agriculture and nutrient rich, beyond organic food. Our pickup location hosts (location leaders) are passionate about real food and thriving families. They eagerly spread the word to friends, co- workers and other like minded businesses about the food now available in their neighborhood. As a location leader we will need your help to spread the word about your pickup location to help get it established. If making a difference in the health of people and families in this way sounds exciting to you - You could be a great location leader!

    2. A Driveway - Simple enough. Typically once every six weeks at a predetermined date and time we will need to park in your driveway (or next to it in the street) for 30 minutes for a drop off. 

    3. A Welcoming Smile - As a location leader you are making a difference in the health and well being of families by offering convenient access to life giving food. That is exciting and as a location leader it is largely up to you to create a warm and welcoming culture at the pickup location. Meet people, exchange smiles and enjoy welcoming new people to the drop off. If creating a warm and welcoming culture with like minded families sounds great to you - You could be a great location leader!

    Perks Of Being A Location Leader

    1. Home Delivery
    - You get nutrient rich food delivered to your doorstep along with the peace of mind and convenience that come with it!

    2. Exempt From Fees - As a location leader you are exempt from the $4.95 flat handling fee per order for pickup :)

    3. Give $5- Share a link to our site with a friend to give them a free $5 credit and receive a $5 credit yourself when they place their first order. Learn More Here (This is actually available to anyone, location leader or not, but it is so fun we wanted to share it in this list).

    4. Making A Difference - Access to nutrient rich pasture raised foods can make an enormous difference in the health of families. As a location leader you are making a huge impact on the health of the families in your neighborhood, the health and vitality of the land and the growth of the regenerative agriculture movement! You are truly a part of something bigger than yourself that can have a huge lasting impact. In our opinions that is the best benefit of all! 

    Common Questions

    Do I have To Be There For Every Drop Off?

    Nope. While it is great if you can be it is not required that you be at every drop off. That being said, in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere you should be at most of them :)

    Will I Have To Handle Or Take People's Orders?
    Not at all. Our friendly delivery driver (typically us) will handle getting all the orders to the right people. You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy talking with like minded people. Also, if someone is late it is not your responsibility to hold their order until they arrive. If you know them and would like to do that, it is up to you but we do not require or encourage it. 

    How Many People Do I Need To Get On Board To Make A Drop Off Work?
    Typically 7-10 families is enough for an initial start. In order to cover our
    transportation costs and maintain a viable drop location we need to
    average about $1000 per drop off. Typically it is less for the first few drops but then picks up as more people hear about the pickup location. As the location leader we will keep you up to date on how your drop is doing.