Located in Southeastern Ontario (farmstand located in Picton), Jubilee promises to be no ordinary farm! We are a family owned, pasture based, beyond organic, informational outreach farm, striving to produce nutrient-dense foods in a way that heals and nourishes the land and those who partake of its bounty.

Our family consists of Tim & Angela (husband and wife, both born and raised in Prince Edward County) and our children Heidi, Sam, Josie, & John-David.

In 2014 we watched the documentary Food Inc. That was life changing for us. We started questioning where our food was coming from. That "free-range organic" chicken I was paying top dollar for was not what I thought it was.

We felt deceived and decided to never settle for a food label or certificate again. But what we discovered was finding nourishing food grown with integrity often challenging to find.

So began our journey of growing nutrient-dense foods and making them available in our local communities.

Giving up our careers (plumbing/contracting and nursing), we put our faith in what we believe God's plan was for our family, even when everyone around us laughed and called us crazy.

Drawing inspiration from Joel Salatin and Mark Sheperd, and using Restorative Agriculture principles as our guide, we planted hundreds of fruit and nut trees along swales (water retention ditches for water preservation and soil erosion prevention) and started farming in between the tree lines as we wait on their production.

This lifestyle not only provides nourishing food for our family and community, it provides important lessons for our children all while helping to heal a small part of God's (Yahuah's) Creation.