Jubilee's Guiding Principles

TRANSPARENCY: We encourage every individual and family to invest time to learn where food comes from and develop a connection with local farmers. We offer monthly guided tours spring to fall here at the farm. We also have a virtual farm tour available for those who can't make it out to the farm. At Jubilee we take our customers' trust very seriously and it's our goal to earn long-term trust and respect by being up-front and honest about the claims we make about our products.

INDIVIDUALITY: We believe that all life is created for a specific purpose and that it is each and every person's responsibility (farmer and consumer) to learn and observe what those purposes are so that we all may be better stewards of the earth.

BEYOND ORGANIC: Here at Jubilee it's more than just following approved guidelines to get a certificate, stamp or sticker on a product. It's more than just an acceptable variation of chemical agribusiness with organic sprays and fertilizers. It's rejecting conventional wisdom and looking to the pattern's of the natural world's soil-plant economy. It's growing the most nutritious food possible while respecting the primacy of a healthy planet.

GRASS-BASED: Pastured livestock and poultry, moved daily to new “salad bars,” offer landscape healing and nutritional superiority.

NATURE’S IMAGE: We do our best to mimick natural patterns on a commercial scale insuring moral and ethical boundaries to our human cleverness.

SOIL HEALTH: The quality of food we raise depends on the quality of the soil on which it is grown or raised. If we have healthy soil it will provide for healthy plants, healthy animals, and healthy people. Our soils are becoming much more resilient than they once were. They now harbor billions of life forms that in fact “feed the food” we raise. Soils that are biologically active produce foods that are higher in vitamin and mineral content and when we eat these foods, these vitamins and minerals are passed on to us. These soils are also able to store more carbon and water which has a positive impact on the environment.

PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: We believe that healthfulness is not the responsibility of doctors, corporations and our government, but rather, it is the responsibility of every individual. Take personal responsibility for your own health and the health of your family by learning and observing the positive and negative affects that consumed foods have on the human body and take the necessary steps to secure healthy sources of nourishing foods - REAL FOOD.