Pasture Raised Chicken

moved to new grass daily

This is our floorless portable field shelter for our pastured broilers (meat chickens). We move these shelters daily to fresh pasture where the birds receive fresh air, exercise, sunshine and all the grass and bugs they like.

It is our goal here at Jubilee Forest Farm to have every animal eat as much salad (green material) as possible.

Click the green "Come on Pasture With Us" tab to see for yourself how we raise our chickens.

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The key point is the birds are moved to new pasture daily. What has become popular is to build a barn in the middle of a pasture and then open up the doors and let the birds move outside.

The reality is the birds are only going to graze so far from their main structure every single day. The grass disappears pretty quickly and you're left with bare dirt void of bugs and critters and you miss out on the benefits of pasture-raised chicken.

We also offer them certified organic chicken feed.

No hormones, antibiotics or other junk! Just great tasting chicken!

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