Restaurants & Bakeries

Local Restaurants & Bakeries that source nutrient dense Jubilee Farm Food

We hope you will support local restaurants and bakeries that have made a commitment to sourcing nutrient dense pasture raised, beyond-organic food. Your patronage makes all the difference. If we want to change how food is done in this country, we need to vote with our dollar!

Crepe Escape- 206 Picton Main St., Picton, ON- Using Jubilee Salad Bar Beef and serving Gluten-Free Crepes made with Jubilee Buckwheat Flour.

Kaleidoscope Catering- Consecon, ON - Breads and baked goods made with Jubilee Red Fife and Rye Flours.

Livery Bakery (at the Wellington Farmer's Market)- Wellington, ON- Breads and Baked Goods baked with Jubilee Red Fife and Rye Flour.

The Marans Dinebar- 222 Picton Main St., Picton, ON- Serving Jubilee Salad Bar Beef.