Best of Chicken Bundle

Best of Chicken Bundle

Inside the Best of Chicken Bundle:

2 Whole Medium Chickens
4 Quarter Chickens (2 pkgs)
4 Breasts (2 pkgs)
2 Chicken Feet & Neck pkgs (2 feet and 1 neck/pack)- add to bone broth

Save $12.60 compared to full price individual cuts.

Broth Recipe with Feet and Neck Bundle

Enjoy a great value and great variety on our popular pasture-raised chicken in our Jubilee Farm Best of Chicken Bundle.

Our chicken is raised to the highest standards, getting to enjoy fresh new pastures each day and a healthy diet of wildflowers, bugs, insects, grasses, legumes, worms and a certified organic grain supplement.

We know our customers are seeking birds that were raised healthy and happy, so that's the only chicken we provide. We partner with small-scale abattoirs who we can trust to maintain a high level of attention and ethical care throughout the entire harvest process.