Pasture Raised Chicken- tiny

Pasture Raised Chicken- tiny

2.4-2.89 lbs

When you raise meat well (allowing the chicken to express its chickeness), the birds are healthier, the meat is highly nutritious and the flavour is out of this world! Our chickens are raised in a floorless chicken shelter that we move every day to new pasture where the birds spend their lives soaking up the sun and eating as much grass and bugs/worms as they please. We also feed them certified organic chicken feed.

Those certified organic chickens in the grocery store raised in a barn with "access" to an "outdoor run" can't even come close to the quality of bird we produce.

*chickens will be frozen and need at least 12 hours in the fridge to thaw.

Benefits to Buying a Whole Chicken

When you purchase a whole chicken, you get a better deal than you would if you bought all of the parts separately. They're also great if you want to start experimenting in the kitchen. Each cut of poultry has a unique flavor profile. Using each part means more opportunities to be creative and try out new recipes. You can even use the leftover parts to make a hearty soup stock. If you want to cook the chicken without parting it, you can put on a dry-rub or soak it in a brine mixture before cooking it.

Here is my favourite Whole Chicken Recipe- delicious results every time!


Remember with every delicious meal you serve you are:
-Nourishing your family
-Actively participating in healing the land
-Building a legacy of hope and healing

Thank you for getting the Chicken You Need - From A Farm Family You Trust.