Pasture Raised Chicken- Large Size

Pasture Raised Chicken- Large Size

When you raise meat well (allowing the chicken to express its chickeness), the birds are healthier, the meat is highly nutritious and the flavour is out of this world! Our chickens are raised in a floorless chicken shelter that we move every day to new pasture where the birds spend their lives soaking up the sun and eating as much grass and bugs/worms as they please. Those certified organic chickens in the grocery store raised in a barn with "access" to an "outdoor run" can't even come close to the quality of bird we produce.

Why did we make the switch to GMO-free Organic feed instead of just the GMO-free feed?
Because our birds cannot live off grass alone, we supplement with organic chicken feed. In the past we've supplemented with GMO-free feed. GMO-free means that all of the grains in the feed are not genetically modified but they are still grown using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. We felt a strong conviction to make the switch and support our local farmers using organic practices like ourselves. Oh and yes, organic also means GMO-free :)

How much does a Jubilee Chicken typically weigh?

Our Large chickens weigh on average 4.9 to 5.99 lbs

*chickens will be frozen and need at least 36 hours in the fridge to thaw