Sliced Pork Belly aka Side Pork

Sliced Pork Belly aka Side Pork

For DIY Bacon

Do you love bacon, but do not love the fact that bacon is loaded with Nitrates? Look no further than fresh pork belly! It is extremely simple to make your own bacon! It's simple, fast and done overnight and tastes amaaazing! Our friend Liz, over at Cunningham Farm, put together this video on how to make your own bacon with pasture raised pork bellies!

Ingredients to make up 1-2lbs of pork belly into bacon:

1/4 C of Salt

2 T of Seasoning (seasoned salt, paprika, cinnamon, anything you would like your bacon to taste like!)

2T of Sugar (brown sugar, honey, sucrant, or nothing at all)

Cover the side pork with all the ingredients, put in the fridge overnight and then take out in the morning. Rinse, soak in the water for about an hour (to take out the excess salt flavor). Pat dry and cook!