Pork Loin Boneless Chops

Pork Loin Boneless Chops


These premium cuts are some of our best. At Jubilee, we like our boneless pork tender and tasty. The loin of the pig runs from the back legs to the shoulder. It is lean, tender, and easy to cook.

This cut of boneless chops comes solely from this part of the pig. It's the most tender meat you would find on the animal. While some like to roast a whole loin in its entirety, the boneless cut makes it easy to prepare in smaller portions. 

It comes as 2 delectable chops, at 6 ounces each, and can be easily added to any recipe. You can also easily filet them into delicate thin-cut chops, by thawing them slightly and slicing with a warm knife.  It's best to saute, bake, or grill. There are dozens of ways to prepare this one-of-a-kind cut of pork. Its unique flavor profile works with its great texture to create a truly delicious experience. You can even bring it out to the grill and let the juicy aroma tempt your neighbors.

The biggest problem people run into when cooking this cut of meat is drying it out too much. To keep it from getting dry, just be careful not to overcook.

*weights vary on these chops from 0.4 lbs up to 1 lbs. Please indicate your size preference in the comments section when you check-out and we'll try to come close.