Honouring Big Pharma Whistleblower Brandy Vaughan

written by

Angela Bakker

posted on

January 4, 2021

We have been so well indoctrinated into the pharmaceutical culture - a pill for this, a shot for that - that as a society we have forgotten how to really care for our health and well-being.

Healthy eating and healthy living, I'm afraid, are no longer understood or considered, except by the few. Unfortunately self-care like building healthy immune systems, etc., have ceased to be "real" health care and have become "alternative" health care, viewed by too many as "new age" or "out there" and as of late "conspiracy".

Today I want to share a story with you that has been laying heavy on my heart. In early December 2020, Brandy Vaughan, a Big Pharma Whistleblower and voice for the vaccine injured, was found dead by her young son in her home. She once worked for Merck Pharmaceutical as a sales rep.


In a Facebook post dated Dec. 4th, 2019, Vaughan asks: “Ever wonder why I speak out against Big Pharma and suffer the major consequences? Because I will fight for my son and humanity and I will educate people on pharmaceutical product dangers until my last breath!”.

In 2019 she also said: “If something were to happen to me, it’s foul play and you know exactly who and why — given my work and mission in this life. I’m also NOT accident prone. And I got the highest health rating possible when I went through a battery of medical tests a couple of years ago for my life insurance policy".

In the video below, Brandy shares her experience working for pharmaceutical giant Merck ...and is it ever a powerful message.

Brandy was a wonderful human being and hero. She sacrificed her life to get this info out, and in her honour I will share her story. I will not be silent in this nightmare medical technocracy we now find ourselves living under.

There has been a crowd funding campaign set up for Brandy and her life's mission. You can learn more HERE.

For eight years, I worked as an RN in many different areas: Kingston General (cardiac surgery), University of Ottawa Heart Institute (cardiac surgery), PECMH (ER then Labour and Delivery/Medical floor).

Although I did see good being done for people, I also learned a hard truth: the medical system is controlled by for-profit pharmaceutical companies who don't always tell the truth, actually most of them being found criminally negligent in court and having to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines for faking research and hiding research data and side effects while lying to the public.

They pay millions in lawsuits, but they make billions in the end so it's worth it to them.

I've distributed hundreds of pills that were later recalled for the harm they did to people (Ranitidine being an example). I take this very seriously and oh dear the sleepless nights this caused.

If Brandy's story causes you to question your faith in the pharmaceutical industry, I encourage you to do further research. Children's Health Defense (Robert F. Kennedy Jr.), Weston A. Price Foundation (traditional wisdom supported by modern science), and Learn the Risk (Brandy Vaughan's organization) are all good places to start.

The video below with Robert Kennedy Jr. shines a light on the corruption that's crept into today's medical world.

Video back up here

I would also like to recommend the book, "Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History" by Suzanne Humphries- very eye opening.


I'm no expert but I am a mama that went from having sick kids almost ALL winter long to almost no sickness at all.

We ditched the processed foods and focused on immune supporting foods high in vitamins A, C, D, zinc, and iodine. If any of us feels a tickle in our throats I make elderberry syrup and we're completely fine in the morning.

It's similar to how our cows don't need vaccinations or medications as they live a natural life with a fresh daily salad bar.

In the end we believe healthfulness is not the responsibility of doctors, corporations, government or our neighbours but rather, it is the responsibility of every individual.

If you believe health can be found at the end of a needle or in a pill we wish you all the best with that. Oh how I wish it were that simple!

Unfortunately there just is no combo of pills that can bring harmony to over 280,000 different protein structures and millions of protein and hormone pathways that orchestrate human health. In my opinion, we are part of nature, not separate and the more we try to separate, the worse things will get.

As for me and my house- fresh air, sunshine, walks in the woods, family, friends, love, laughter, hugs, good food, and exercise is what keeps us healthy and thriving.

Take care friends!

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