Raw, Unfiltered, Local Jubilee Honey

written by

Angela Bakker

posted on

September 27, 2019


Our bees have been busy this spring/summer making sweet, golden honey with a delicious unique flavour that could only come from this unique place.

We keep our beehives here at the farm where our bees roam among our trees, and native flowering species found in our nearby pastures. The bees are also playing an important role pollinating our veggie blossoms. 


Raw Honey is an amazing superfood that has been used throughout history for its sweet and medicinal properties. It is the only food on the planet that will never rot or spoil. Honey is antibacterial and has been proven in studies to fight colds and to be more effective than Neosporin as an antiseptic. The problem with honey in today's markets is that the honey you find in your grocery store and possibly even in your local health food stores are not the same as the honey you find in a real beehive, not even close!

Unfortunately, not all honey is created equal :( The commercialization of honey has brought about large scale adulteration and marketing gimmicks. What makes our honey special is that it has not been heated or filtered.


Most honey is pasteurized meaning it is heated at high temperatures to kill bacteria. The problem with this is the bacteria in honey is highly beneficial so they're killing all the good stuff!


Filtering is devastating to the nutritional quality of honey because it removes the bee pollen which is the most nutritious part of the honey and very beneficial in helping people overcome local allergies.

Check out this amazing Mercola article to learn about its many health benefits. We skip the ultra filtration process and actually leave our honey in our settling tanks overnight. This allows all the impurities to float to the top where we can remove it by scraping off the top layer. Yes it's a much longer process compared to heating and filtering but it keeps that precious pollen in the honey. 


Honey is an amazing anti-histamine and therefore great at fighting seasonal allergies. Just remember, the bees need to be from your
local area to fight your local allergies.


Sadly, the majority of honey sold commercially has High Fructose Corn Syrup added and due to ridiculous loopholes it is often not listed as an ingredient. Rice oil is also a common filler. That's why it's so important to get your honey from a source you trust!

Our honey is the purest, rawest, most unfiltered honey that can possibly be made, comparable to eating it straight out of the honeycomb. Since we produce local honey on a small scale our production process is unparalleled in product quality. These are our own personal bees, so we can tell you exactly where it is coming from and what flowers' nectar is used in the creation of this honey.

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