The Soil Story

written by

Angela Bakker

posted on

December 11, 2019

Through holistic management, animals have the ability to positively impact the soil in a powerful way. Cattle can be used to speed up the photosynthetic process, disrupt the soil, and fertilize the soil through urination and defecation. Through holistic management, the soil feeds the grasses, the grasses feed the livestock, and the livestock, in turn, feed the grasses. Year after year the forages thicken and even more carbon is sequestered and our water infiltration rate increases, lessening flooding/run off and drought. 

The way we grow our food either puts carbon up into our atmosphere or pulls it down into the ground. Here at Jubilee the regeneration of soil is our #1 priority. Here's a fantastic video on the role soil plays in carbon sequestration.

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