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What is a Blade Steak? 

Blade steaks are made by cutting directly across the top blade muscle, which is actually pretty tender. The one negative is there's a seam of connective tissue running through the center of it, which means that every section of steak has a piece of this tough strip of gristle right in the middle. On the bright side, there's a lot of beefy flavor in a blade steak and it's relatively inexpensive. If it's cooked properly, it can be a delicious and tender piece of meat.

How to Cook a Blade Steak

Because of that strip of gristle, blade steak is actually terrible for grilling. If you cook it on a grill, that piece of cartilage is going to tighten up like a thick rubber band, which is exactly what it will feel like in your mouth when you try to chew it.

The only way to break down the tough connective tissue in the middle of a blade steak is to cook it slowly with moist heat. Braise it for about an hour and you'll end up with a tender, juicy, and flavorful steak.

Another way of dealing with that strip of gristle is to remove it (that is exactly how flat iron steaks are produced). Basically, cut the steak in half, removing the line of cartilage, and then slice the meat to use in a stir-fry. So if you're up for a little light butchering, it is worth the effort.