The Soil Story

They way we grow our food either puts carbon up into our atmosphere or pulls it down into the ground. Here at Jubilee the regeneration of soil is a top priority. So what is carbon sequestration? Here's a simple video that explains the basics.

The Truth Behind Chicken Labels

I used to pay a premium for "Free Range Organic Chicken". I thought I was getting happy chickens raised outside on green pasture but little did I know loopholes in the meat labeling industry allows factory farms to use those labels while raising chickens in cement floored grow houses with lip service "access" to the outdoors. :(

How to Make Nourishing Bone Broth

Bone Broth is a mineral-rich infusion made by boiling bones of animals. It is used for its delicious flavor and many powerful health benefits that you can easily add to your family’s diet.

Is it Morally Wrong to Eat Meat?

If you are shunning meat in favour of an entirely plant-based diet because you don't believe in killing animals for food, be careful here as you’ve simply swapped the killing of large animals in favour of a food system that kills A LOT of small creatures. Let me explain...

Pasture Raised Meats & Your Health

It’s inarguable that animals raised in industrial production systems are less healthy than those raised in a natural, pasture-raised production system. Why would we believe that meat from those unhealthy animals would then be a nutritious option for our families to consume?

Managed Grazing in Nature's Image

Our role as land stewards here at Jubilee is to carefully foster conditions so that our land is regenerated, it’s bioproductivity is increased, and our animals are healthy and profitable. Let's take a closer look at the patterns in nature that we try to closely approximate with our cattle.

Raw, Unfiltered, Local Jubilee Honey

Our honey is the purest, rawest, most unfiltered honey that can possibly be made, comparable to eating it straight out of the honeycomb. Since we produce local honey on a small scale our production process is unparalleled in product quality.

Be Kind to Your Grains!

The importance of fresh, stone ground, heritage varieties, prepared like our ancestors is not well known or understood in our culture. It is our passion to get this information mainstream. Please help us spread the word!